Sunday, 12 January 2014

Never Never Give up

Hello people, I have not posted for a loong time since last year eeek. Sorry about that but each time I wanted to post something the blog layout of this blog kept putting me off. I dislike it so much and blogger is being positively horrible to me and I feel like if I want to get the layout I desire the best thing would be to move on to WordPress with new beginnings and all that. So this is what is currently happening, am not sure if I want to keep all the old posts or delete them and start again hmm I am still mulling over that so will keep you posted. The new blog will be a little different, more words than pictures because I have made my goal for this year to buy a good quality camera and I do not want to take anymore bad quality pictures because it  doesn't reflect my outfits or ideas as well as i want them to. If you get my meaning :) SO I will leave you with this memorable quote from Wintston Churchill

"Success consists of going form failure to failure without loss of  enthusiasm"